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Local ingredients

High-quality products from South Tyrolean agriculture

In Markus Holzer’s kitchen, regional and seasonal products set the tone – here, you can get to know some of the local farmers, from whom Jora Mountain Dining obtains its high-quality South Tyrolean products

The Jora Mountain Dining restaurant, immersed within nature, foregrounds regional and seasonal cuisine. Markus Holzer and his team rely on products from the local region. A personal connection to the ingredients used is of great importance to our chef, and we take care to foster close relationships with the farmers of South Tyrol.

We would like to thank the farmers listed below for their collaboration with us. Unfortunately, we cannot always offer the products listed here on our menu as they are seasonal – but we do so whenever we can.

Visiting our farmers and suppliers
Our farmers
Dobbiaco / Toblach

Bernhard Feichter

Feichter Farm: biodynamic Demeter products

• Polenta, barley and potatoes, spelt flour, wheat flour and rye flour, vegetables

Monte San Candido / Innichberg

Markus Burgmann

Raner Farm: products from organic farming

• Dandelion syrup, spruce syrup

Sesto / Sexten

Andreas and Sonja Villgrater

Unter-Oltl dairy

• Goat’s cheese, lamb, beef and goat meat, “Speck” (bacon)

Dobbiaco / Toblach

Seppi Viertler

Schwarzer Adler Farm: biodynamic Demeter products

• Potatoes, various vegetable varieties

Dobbiaco / Toblach

Robert Schwärzer

Maioni-Häusler: products from organic farming

• Veal

Versciaco / Vierschach

Paul Peter Weitlaner

Dairy farm Veiderhof

• Tyrolean grey cheese and cultured butter

Versciaco / Vierschach

Karin and Thomas Lercher

Unter-Gräber Farm

• Galloway beef

Sesto / Sexten

Wendelgard and Hannes Happacher

Schneider Farm: products from organic farming

• Pustertal Sprinzen beef


Petra and Wilfried Strobl

Föstlhof: products from organic farming

• Various potatoes and vegetable varieties

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